Mobile Waterproof Socket Box

  • 12 Mobile Waterproof Socket Box

    Mobile waterproof socket box with portable design, handle on the top of the cover for easy carrying, waterproof and dustproof outdoors, 12-position socket box matching,one DZ47LE 32A 4P, one DZ47 16A 3P1,3 pieces of DZ4716A 1P ,6 pieces of industrial sockets, 2 pieces of 32A...
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  • 24 Way Mobile Portable Waterproof Distribution Box

    Safety power protection box The safety power protection box adopts special shell design, which ensures the use performance and greatly improves the convenience of use. The common choices are 12, 24, 36 way, which can be installed according to the special requirements of...
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  • 36 Mobile Waterproof Socket Box

    24 way Mobile Portable waterproof Distribution box with one DZ47LE 63A 4P ,one DZ47 32A 3P1, 4 pieces of DZ4716A 1P, 2 pieces of industrial sockets 63A 3P+N+E ,2 pieces of 32A 3P+N+E , 4 pieces of 16A 2P+E. The mobile power distribution box has 24-way output for more complex...
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  • Safety Power Protection Box

    Waterproof Industrial Portable Combined Switch Box Waterproof industrial portable combined switch box is a device for concentrating , switching and distributing electric energy,widely used in daily life and industry.The enclosure is made of plastic,can be used with miniature...
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  • Waterproof Industrial Portable Combined Switch Box

    36 mobile waterproof socket box with one DZ47LE,6 pieces of DZ47 32A 3P,2 pieces of DZ4716A 1P,type of Industrial socket ,2 pieces of 63A 3P+N+E ,6 pieces of 32A 3P+N+E ,2 pieces of 16A 2P+E.The size of the enclosure is 478*340*330mm,which have been widely used in outdoor...
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  • Industrial Yellow Portable Distribution Box

    Industrial Yellow Portable Distribution Box has a good waterproof performance and strong corrosion resistance,it is easy to carry and provide flexible power output.Widely used in factories,wharf,car wash shop,outdoor stage and other fields.Our products have been certified...
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